Hello Tim, Dustin and Mike:

We just saw the remodel of our condo for the first time this week. 

The space was transformed and after the visit (which was way too short) I realized I was so positively overwhelmed totally I neglected to look at the faucets, sink, and other givens.  The work was impeccable, really.  Mike you did an A+ job for us.  Very grateful and appreciative from the heart.

Along with Deadwood Construction we undertook what would seem to be an impossible project:  renovating our property absent, from 3,000 miles away.  Our project manager, Mike Flint, was in daily contact, often several times, reviewing, updating, and helping me choose the best products within our agreed budget.  He was calm, thoughtful, and always respectful of my questions and ideas.  If there was something I was not aware of from such a distance he would inform me.  Together we chose the best products suitable for our goals. All the work was executed in a timely manner.  All construction, painting, installation and finish work was top notch.  We visited the property six months after completion - for the first time - and felt the end result exceeded our expectations.  If you contract with Deadwood Construction consider yourself fortunate.  In a world where skillful, honest, beautiful finish work is hard to come by they are exceptional. -Ann & Tony

I used Deadwood Construction the end of last year to re-side a circa early 1900's garage, trying to keep the existing look as best possible. The guys did a great job. Courteous and easy to work with. Shoreline Financial Inc. -Bob

We have just begun a remodel with Deadwood. We are remodeling our kitchen, replacing all our windows, and removing a load baring wall between our kitchen and living room. Deadwood has been wonderful so far. It was incredibly difficult to find a contractor who would even call us back. We started looking for someone six months ago. We had 10 different contractors come out to our house to provide us with a bid. Only two of the 10 actually gave us a bid. The rest just disappeared and never returned our calls. 

Deadwood was night and day from the other contractors we had spoken to. I wish we had found them first. From our initial contact they were very responsive. Dustin and Tim came out right away and provided us with an estimate the same week. They also had an idea about changing the kitchen layout that I think is going to be much better than what we had planned. Anytime we've had questions they have responded quickly. I will update my review when we complete our remodel. -Catherine

I don't often write reviews on Yelp, but wanted to share my experience with anyone contemplating a home remodel.  Deadwood Construction remodeled a number of nearby condos similar to ours, and when I contacted Tim & Dustin about a remodel, they were quick to respond.  After speaking with a couple of contractors, the decision to go with Deadwood was based on their responsiveness and thoroughness of their bid.  It provided detailed cost estimate and timeline which wasn't the case in other bids, and these guys seemed like they would be easy to work with.  

We're weren't disappointed.  Since my wife & I would be living in the condo during renovation, we had some concern about how a complete remodel would affect us.  Dustin and our dedicated project manager Mike worked with us to minimize the disruption and inconvenience.  Where these guys really shined was their willingness to do things our way - the only thing that mattered was what WE wanted.  Corners were never cut and we got everything we'd hoped for, and then some.   Also, I can't over-emphasize the quality and professionalism of their subcontractors.  Throughout this process the subs were diligent, on time, friendly, and did really nice work.  A lot of the credit for this goes to Mike, who was a pleasure to work with from start to finish.  He always kept the process moving forward, with no downtime. 

Am I anxious to do this again anytime soon?  Not really, but looking back we we're glad we found the right guys for the job.  If you're contemplating a remodel, do yourself a BIG favor and contact Tim & Dustin at Deadwood Construction. -Anthony M

I used Deadwood to help on a large commercial project and they were phenomenal. Communication was great and they were always on time and on budget. Would definitely recommend. -Seth

We hired Deadwood Construction to Demo a slight kitchen remodel. This is Day 2 and they have just been outstanding .They show up on time, they're courteous and professional and keep an incredibly clean work environment. We have another project already lined up and would recommend them to anyone looking for a first rate contractor.

-Pam & Steve